Confidentiality and Privacy Statement

Alacris protects your privacy by adhering to standards and codes of etics of IACP

Confidentiality and Privacy Statement

Alacris works in accordance with IACP and guidelines included in the Children First Welfare Act.

Your sessions are always one to one and fully confidential except:

  • Where there is a danger of a client being harmed or causing harm to self or others
  • Where there are reasonable grounds for concern that a child may be at risk of abuse by someone in the present or the past
  • Where the therapist is subpoenaed by a Court of Law
  • For the purpose of clinical supervision
  • If you give information which indicates that a crime has been or will be committed

Please note that in order to fully protect confidentiality of the client Alacris does not provide reports for insurance companies, solicitors or any other organisations except when mandated by Court of Law.

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