Free Initial Psychotherapy Consultation in Dublin

Alacris offers affordable psychotherapeutic treatment suited to all income levels

Fees & Payment Methods

The payment is made at the end of each session. Online sessions are paid in advance.

Your first consultation is free of charge (phone call or online).
Payment Methods: Cash or transfer.

Alacris Psychotherapy Pricing

Punctuality and Cancellation Policy

It is important to us to offer you a full and undisturbed session, therefore it is expected of you to arrive on time for your sessions. If you attend late it is not possible to extend the session and your session will end at the usual time.

Alacris requires 48hrs cancellation notice. In case you need to cancel your appointment unexpectedly on the day of your scheduled appointment, or less than 48 hours before your session, a full fee will be charged.

This Punctuality and Cancellation Policy reflects Alacris views that effective psychotherapy is a commitment on both, the client and therapist' side to attend weekly sessions for the agreed duration of the treatment. Psychotherapy works best if there is a continuity of sessions therefore unexpected gaps in the treatment impact its effectiveness and may prolong the overall duration of treatment.

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